Hand Up is a mental health support group network in Townsville, QLD. We are a group of people who have experienced depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses who come together to share our experiences, by doing so we find and offer understanding, acceptance and friendship. 

Hand Up began in October 2006 with a group of people who had experienced depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. These people found they benefited from sharing their experiences within a support group. Over the years, some of these people stayed with the group, others moved on and many others have joined the group since then.

We find that the Hand Up group offers a place to talk about our problems, in an understanding environment.  Here we are able to set goals towards recovery and keep in contact with others on a regular basis. We find  being involved in a support group aids our recovery and is a valuable addition to the professional treatment we receive from our GPs and other mental health professionals.

Although Hand Up claims not to be a professional service, Hand Up offers support and friendship to its members. Each member, however, is responsible for their own progress in their mental health and well-being.

 Website last updated on 17th Feb 2017