Our Stories


“…  being a member of a depression and anxiety group is invaluable. The group keeps me on track. The group encourages me to take control of my recovery, to set goals, to keep contact with others and to talk about things that are bothering me.”

But best of all when I talk with people who experience depression and anxiety I no longer feel that I’m different anymore.”  read Karen’s Story


The turning point for me came when I stumbled upon an article about recovery from mental illness.  I now understand from personal experience that it is possible to live well while having a mental illness, to be happy and maintain a valued role in my community.”  read Lilly’s Story


“I was diagnosed with depression in 2009 when I was 18 – but I’m sure I had it for at least a year before then. Depression runs in both sides of my family and two extended family members have committed suicide.

I found Hand Up on the Black Dog Institute website and almost didn’t end up coming but am so glad that I did. Being able to vent to people who know what I am experiencing is an enormous help and I look forward to coming to Hand Up every week”.   read Jessica’s Story


“ For a long while I have struggled with self acceptance. The other people in the support group had experienced similar difficulties. They really understood what I was going through.”   read John’s Story


“With my friends help, I made contact with a local GP and got referred to a wonderful psychologist who suggested I might like to get in touch with Hand Up. The first meeting I went to was amazing. As I was telling my story, for the first time in my life I found myself in the company of a room full of people who understood. People who actually “got it”. ”   read Tim’s Story


I have now been going to the support group meetings  for over 18 months. I have grown in self esteem and confidence. The support group has helped me become a more positive person and to enjoy life again.    read Carol’s Story


 I can still clearly remember the day I had my first panic attack. I was 15 years old. Of course at that time, I had no idea what it was, but it changed my life forever.     read JLO’s Story